Here you will be able to follow my so called Adventures. I do not know if one can call them that or if it just my friends and family that calls me an Adventurer…

Now, for every year that I live I feel more and more that there is so many tings in this world that I have not yet experienced, most of the people watches the world through a screen or there mental window without ever touching the rocks, the grass, the sea that they so long dream of… A sad social mental boundary that the western world has.

How this (industriland country’s in this) world makes people dream without never step outside and leave the comfort of home and family.

If I where to have Wonder Womans lasso and ask anyone in my surrounding:

”Are you happy with the life you have”

I will get the answer ”NO”

I for one, will never ever be that person that sits and dream without trying my absolute to make my dreams come true, or just aim in that direction. When I get old I want to remember the views of the clouds underneath my feet and fell the cold air against my cheeks from the summits of mountains.

For all of you who thinks that you can’t make your dream trip or just get outside and se the world. Give it a try, the first step is the hardest, then the world is your playground and it is you’r to take care of and explore. Remember, the only thing that you leave behind is your footprints.

When I get the chance to get out, to se the world I’ll take it!


Mont Blanc

Bicycle through Europe