Self Balancing Robot (TWIP)

TWIP (Two Wheel Inverted Pendulum), This i a robot that i built in 2012, most because i wanted to get in-to the control design, and embedded system world. The video i posted on youtube (can be found here) I see now that it has over 36’000 views, which is flattering.

Now, I have got a lots of mails during the time the video has been on youtube, always the same questions;

”how did you build this robot”

”Can you pleas share the code”

So now Im gonna write down all the details on how to copy my robot!

Software can be found here!


6 Responses to “Self Balancing Robot (TWIP)

  • hey great job, can you share your code, please

  • Hi Johan,

    Can you tell me were to find the project because I can’t find it?

    • Havent exported it from the old page yet! Will be here soon. The Link to the code is posted!

  • Bhoomi
    7 år ago


    Any chance you’ll be uploading a a description of this project?

    • I have linked to the software now. Due to that this is just my hobby-project I am in no rush to update the description. But it will be there soon.


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